Wednesday, November 4, 2009

CSES Harvest Festival

Madison had a harvest festival at her school. here are the kids having a GREAT time!

Stetson BOY!

Stetson sleeping with his face down in the bed. SCARY :(

Stetson is 5 months now. He is getting so BIG! He is the best little baby ever. The whole family adores him :).


Madison lost her first tooth at school in August. She was sooooo excited. When she got off the bus she smiled showing her bottom teeth so that I could see that she lost her tooth! We put it under her pillow that night and the toothfairy gave her $1!


We finally got grass planted in our backyard. These pictures are about 4 wks after we planted! HARD WORK PAYS OFF. The kids LOVe playing in the backyard and mommy loves the dirt-less house :)