Wednesday, November 4, 2009

CSES Harvest Festival

Madison had a harvest festival at her school. here are the kids having a GREAT time!

Stetson BOY!

Stetson sleeping with his face down in the bed. SCARY :(

Stetson is 5 months now. He is getting so BIG! He is the best little baby ever. The whole family adores him :).


Madison lost her first tooth at school in August. She was sooooo excited. When she got off the bus she smiled showing her bottom teeth so that I could see that she lost her tooth! We put it under her pillow that night and the toothfairy gave her $1!


We finally got grass planted in our backyard. These pictures are about 4 wks after we planted! HARD WORK PAYS OFF. The kids LOVe playing in the backyard and mommy loves the dirt-less house :)

Friday, August 28, 2009


Old Navy is the place to be this weekend (Fri and Sat). They are doing their "take an extra 50% off all clearance items." Then on top of that they are doing their "stuff n save" which takes another 20% off. SOOOO, get your butts to Old Navy and you are sure to score some SCREAMIN deals!

I went yesterday and got some GREAt deals....but they weren't doing the stuff n save yet. OH WELL ;)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Snowflake Pioneer Days

We went to Snowflake for the Pioneer Days. We had a complete blast. We went to the parade, swimming, jumping castles, rodeo, etc. We say soooo many people that we knew. TONS OF FUN. I highly recommend going next year for any one that has the opportunity!


***Disclaimer: Remember that my baby is only 2 wks old in these pics. That might explain the FATTINESS!!!

Me, Madison, Gavin, Stetson, Cheri, Trenton, and my Mom all went to the Diamondbacks game. They were playing the Angels. I swear the crowd was for the Angels cuz whenever they did anything good the entire crowd cheered like crazy. I was thinking 'what the H, do these people not know we r in AZ??' Anyways, we had TONS of fun


JC referee's basketball. It is one of his many hobbies that he LOVES!!! He recently got INVITED to ref at the Desert Duel in Gilbert. This tournament included teams from North Carolina, Georgia, DC, Texas, Chicago, etc. It is considered one of the top tournaments in the nation. It is suppose to have the top 100 basketball players in the nation attending. There were 233 college coaches there to scout out the players. So this is a BIG deal!!!! He did great and even had some professional referees tell him he has serious potential.

JC is so AWESOME. I just can't get over how lucky I am to have him for a husband :)

Bucking Bronco's

Gavin and Madison LOVE riding horses. Luckily Nephi's "friend girl" has horses!!! They ask Nephi every day if they can ride Ginger and Hopi! THANKS Uncle Nephi for taking the kids riding!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Today is the LAST day for ON's "take an additional 50% off clearance" sale! If you have an ON nearby, you should definitely hit it up for some smokin deals!


2 rashguard shirts
1 undershirt
5 pajamas
3 swim shorts
1 hat
3 shorts
1 capris
1 3pk underwear
13 shirts

***all these were for my kids
*TOTAL of 30 items

TOTAL OOP cost $68.64

I love GOOD deals

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stetson's Stats

Today Stetson had a Dr. appt. He weighed 9.11 (50%) and was 21 9/16 (82%). He is definitely following Click tradition. My other kids are 25% weight and 75% height. Tall and skinny is the gene pool (thanks to JC!!!).

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baby Pictures

Stetson smiling in his sleep. It's hard to catch cuz u never know when it's gonna happen ;)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

6 days...

Stetson is HERE! YEAH. He was born on 5/28. He weighed 8 lbs 1 oz and 20.5 inches.

My actual delivery was GREAT. I got an epidural and it WORKED!!! Yeah for epidurals.

1st of all, my Dr. was a moron and I refuse to go back to her ever again! Once I got a new Dr. everything was GREAT! Heres the story....

I went in at 1:30pm to get induced. They started me on pitocin. As soon as we got there I told the nurse that I will not dialate until my water is broken and then I will go FAST. So the nurse passed the info to the dr. By midnight I was dialated to a 5 and the Dr. refused to break my water. I was at the fullest amount of pitocin they could give me so they took me OFF pitocin so I wouldn't have the baby until the morning. RIDICULOUS!!! Luckily the Dr. got off at 7 am (after 18 hrs of labor) and the new Dr. was all about breaking my water. So at 9 am I was still dialated to a 5 and the Dr. broke my water. By 9:20 I was fully dialated! Stetson was born at 9:58 am. I am glad the new Dr. actually listened. He was FANTASTIC and I was really happy with the epidural and the delivery.

Stetson is a good baby. I forgot how much they eat at first. I feel like all I do is feed the poor kid! I am recovering well and LOVE having a newborn!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

FINAL Dr. Appt

I went to my last Dr. appt yesterday. I am dialated to a 3 but I am having virtually NO contractions. Soooo....they scheduled my induction date. It is Wed the 27th at 1:00. Not what I wanted, but that is was I get, so I will take it and run. I will be 4 days overdue!

I want I go into labor on my own, but I'm NOT going to get my hopes up. I am just going to plan on Wednesday, that way my heart doesn't get CRUSHED!!!! Oh the joys of being pregnant :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birthday Girl is FIVE

Madison had a FANTASTIC birthday yesterday. She turned FIVE years old. I can hardly believe it. She is growing up soooo fast! She got to go to preschool and they had a little party (thanks Mindy). Then we went to Freedom Station and invited several friends. They had a complete blast. She got so many new toys (thanks Garret, Jolie, Brooklyn, Bryant, Lucus, Taylor, and Nana).
Madison is such a great girl. She loves her family, preschool, friends, Nana and Papa, cousins, playing outside, tball, swimming, etc. She is a GREAT girl. We love her so much and we are so happy that Heavenly Father sent her to our family!


Madison is on a T-ball team. They are the Red Sox. She has a fantastic coach and absolutely loves it. She has games twice and week and can hardly wait for the next game. We enjoy going to watch Madison play. It's fun to see the kids growing up, getting friends, playing sports, etc...

Gavin can't hardly stand that Madison gets to play tball and he doesn't. He informs us that he is 4 years old and Madison is 3, so he gets to play tball and Madison can just watch!!! LOL. He is quite the little character, but it will be his turn soon enough!

Madison batting.

Warming up
Walking in from playing 1st base!


For Easter, I got JC and the family Diamondbacks tickets. They played the Washington Nationals. I have never been to Chase Field. It was much more fun than I even expected. GREAT atmosphere, relaxing, and quality family time!!! We will definitely go AGAIN ;)

Trying to catch HR during batting practice.