Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Careers can take you to almost any location, especially in Helicopters.

There is a certain way you typically "move up" in the helicopter industry...

First you instruct, this is what JC has been doing for 3 years.

Then you find a company that will train you in a turbine helicopter (BIG heli's). This is difficult to find a company to hire a pilot with ZERO turbine time. These jobs are typically flooded with applicants.

Well, the time has come...we took the leap...


JC got a NEW job.

JC is now a captain for PHI. They are an excellent company and we have heard nothing but GREAT things about them. All the pilots say it's a DREAM job.

Now all jobs have their perks...


JC is flying in the Bell 206 L3 which looks like...

Pretty AWESOME if I might say! We are excited, thrilled, nervous, and ready to take this HUGE leap into the next chapter of our lives.

BUT, with every job also comes the downfalls...

JC now works in...

THATS RIGHT FOLKS... Louisianna....

He works a 14 on/14 off schedule. As for now we are going to stay in AZ and JC will fly back and forth. We will see how this goes. If we feel so inclined, we will move to Louisianna or Texas.

CRAZY but we feel so blessed. Can't wait to see how this all turns out!

LaKe FuN!

My mom watched our kids for a week...and while she was here she took them to Lynx Lake. The kids LOVED it and beg us daily for a return visit!

How cute is this kid???

Maidson and Gavin caught a butterfly.

The boys "fishing".

My THREE kiddos fishing it up!