Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Cheri had her baby on Dec 24 and was able to come home on Christmas day. So we opened our presents at about 3 pm. I couldn't hardly stand to see what I was going to have. I am having a ........


The paper read "You are having a boy! Congratulations." We are super excited.

We have also picked a name that will 99% most likely be it.

Stetson John Click

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Surprise

JC and I have decided to have the ultrasound tech put what the gender of our baby in an envelope and we will open it on Christmas. We figured it would be a super fun SURPRISE!!!

I will most definitely post after Christmas what we are having.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

BABY predictions

I am having a sonogram on Monday the 22nd.

BOY or GIRL????? Predictions???? Please post!!

This complete stranger at Costco thinks I am having a girl. My entire family definitely thinks I am having a boy.

I was 60/40 thinking a BOY...but I have since changed my mind. I am now 60/40 thinking a GIRL. Simply because I am FATTER and supposedly you are fatter when you are having girls. So that is my prediction.


We shall see!

you know how when you are first pregnant you go through this completely awkward stage of "is she pregnant or just fat?" That is where I am right now so all I feel is FAT. Just figured I would clear that up!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Quickly I'll obey.

Every morning that I have to wake Madison up and it's preschool day (Monday and Wednesday), she jumps right out of bed and quickly obeys!! YEAH for preschool.

I asked Madison "what do you love about preschool?"

Mindy reads us books
Snowman that we made
Snack time

She is halarious. Madison also told me "I wish Mindy would buy a school bus so that she could come pick up the kids and bring them back home to their houses." Isn't it funny how little kids think riding the school bus is the BEST.

Oh, to be so happy over school!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Why Women and NOT Men???

So I am 12 weeks pregnant with our 3rd child. I hesitated to tell anyone because of my 10 week miscarriage last time. But, I am pretty confident that this pregnancy is going to "stick". And, I can't decide if I want a boy or a girl. Honestly, don't really care!

Anyways, I have not been to the Dr. yet because I absolutely HATE being violated. I hate that women have to go to the Dr. and it's a complete disaster. I hate being pregnant because it's complete violation until the baby is born! So therefore, I just procrastinate going to the Dr. until the absolute last second. I am thinking that 12 weeks is probably the furthest my procrastination can continue!

You know, where do the men come into this whole picture. They get to do the "fun" part and then leave the rest up to the women..LOL. I just wish they could get a little taste of this whole process....

Vaginal Exams, Bleeding, possible Strep B, IV's, Glucose testing, Blood tests, 10 cm dialation (which is NOT easy), stitches, healing...etc

And all the while they just get to have 'fun' and hope that the hole goes back to it's original 'tightness' for future references! LOL ;). I just can't help but wonder WHY?????

Like Chickens with our Heads Cut OFF!

So, lately we have been crazy busy. We have been out of town most every weekend.

Last weekend we went down to the Valley to watch my dad's football team in the state playoffs. They beat Joseph City and will play next weekend for the State Championship against Mogollon. WE are very excited!

Wednesday Valerie (my sister) has her baby via C-section. So I am going down to Gilbert Thursday to help my mom with the kiddos. I am excited for her to have her baby. She is going to name her Mya Jade! CUTE.

Madison has been in a preschool and is learning all of her phonograms. I cannot believe how SMART she is. She loves Mindy (her preschool teacher)!!!!

Gavin is bored without Madison but is busy watching Blues Clues and Shrek every second his mommy lets him!

JC is ridiculously busy working and going to school. He loves flight instructing. He is also refing basketball. So, basically I am a widow!!!

Anyways, theres an update!

Monday, November 3, 2008

KIDS photo shoot

These were also done by Kerrianne (Preservations Multimedia).


We got our FAMILY PICTURES done by Kerrianne Burch (Preservations Multimedia). She did a FANTASTIC job. Here is just a glimpse of some of my favorites. If you want to see more of our family pictures click on the link below; http://preservationsmultimedia.smugmug.com/gallery/6448001_Azhqi#408660572_V5uSo

Sunday, October 19, 2008


The other day I was vacuuming my living room and the vacuum started smoking. I immediately turned off the vacuum and text JC that I am absolutely getting a new Dyson vacuum. I have been wanting one forever and I'm sick of cruddy vacuums.
I was thinking "DYSON HERE I COME." Of course I wasn't about to tell JC how much a Dyson vacuum actually cost. I figured he would just allow me to get a new vacuum because he didn't have time to even worry about the dadgum vacuum.

Much to my surprise (more like dismay), JC decided to check out the vacuum today and see what was going on. He changed out the belt....still hardly any suction. Then he decided to take off the hoses....lo and behold, our PROBLEM. He filled an entire shoe box of vacuum lint out of the hoses. DISGUSTING. I was thoroughly embarassed. I would call myself a "clean freak" but now I realized I have been skipping some essentials...like CLEANING OUT THE VACUUM HOSES. Turns out my current vacuum isn't so bad after all.

My Eureka vacuum will just have to do....until next time.

My Dyson will just have to wait...until next time.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Nephi's coming HOME

Nephi (my brother) is coming home TOMORROW. I am so excited. He is one of the best people I have ever known. He was a stellar athlete but never let himself get big headed. He has always CTR'd. He is valiant in doing the Lords work. He is one of my best friends. He is a great example to everyone around him. He has definitely lived up to his BIG name! I just want everyone to know how PROUD I am of him and his willingness to serve the Lord. He is a GREAT person!!! I love my brother :) Can't wait to see him!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Madisons FIRST soccer game

Madison had her FIRST soccer game on Saturday. Her team is called the sharks! It was really fun and Madison LOVED it. She did really good too. She has a timid personality so she's not quite sure whether she should 'steal' the ball from people. But, towards the end of the game she was doing much better!!!

We are also horrible parents who are not use to being prepared at the games. We brought some water but there were no drinking fountains and the water ran out rather QUICKLY. Then I forgot to put her hair up in a pony tail but luckily we had a rubber band in the car. Then we forgot her own soccer ball! Luckily they don't need to bring their own. It was quite the experience and we realized that we completely forgot how to be PREPARED for sporting events ;)

Madison in her soccer uniform. We didn't have time to go buy shorts so we had to just use what we had. Next time we will be much more prepared! (I hate taking the time to flip the pics)

Madison's team cheering at the end of the game. Our team won (even though they don't keep score)!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

LeVander Birthday Party

Last Saturday we went to Brayden (3) and Ryland's (1) birthday party. We had a GREAT time. They had cotton candy, a water slide, EXCELLENT food, dogs, drinks, and most of all FAMILY. We were there for 7 hours and the kids played in the water slide for the entire time! They had a complete blast. THANKS LeVander's for inviting us.

Gavin absolutely loves NICE dogs.

Gavin had a very difficult time remembering that this was NOT his party and these were NOT his toys. THANKS Brayden for sharing ;)

Madison and Gavin LOVE cotton candy. HOW FUN!

Madison in her super duper cute swimming suit. I love pink and brown.

Gavin, Brayden and Madison playing on the FUN FUN FUN water slide!

THANKS again LeVander's for having us!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Year supply of deer meat???

We took JC's deer and ground it up into hamburger. We went to WalMart and bought a meat grinder (which I highly recommend) and ground most of the meat up. I think we will eat more of it if it is ground into hamburger and maybe we could do half-and-half. Anyways, the kids absolutely loved doing it and that's what matters most, right?

meat grinder

ground deer meat

Madison holding up the 'prize'

Gavin too worried about saying 'cheese' to hold up the meat!

Deer Archery Hunting

JC went hunting this weekend with his best friend from high school, TC Fish. They had a group of 7 people that went. They had a complete blast. JC was so excited to shoot a deer (much to my dismay). But hey, I guess I have to take the good and the bad that comes with my dear husbands hobbies!!! THANKS TC for putting up with JC and letting him tag along on the hunting trip ;)

Whin, Kevin, TC, Chris, JC, deer

JC with his white tail coues deer

Thursday, August 7, 2008


This is the pic i promised of JC wakeboarding. What a SUPER STUD

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So we decided to write down our family and personal goals. It's funny how differently men and women think!! GOTTA LOVE IT. Most of our family goals are already in place but we just want to emphasize the importance of them.

5 years

Living in PV making $85K+/yr.
Student loans at least 2/3 paid off
Have daily scripture study and prayer
At least 2 more children born
Gavin and Madison in a good school
LaDawn finished BS degree
JC finished BS in Aviation Administration
Have FHE every week
Stay healthy and wise
Put 10% of income into savings


Maintain a weight of 135 lbs. or less
Become a better cook
NEVER yell at my children
Be more patient
Read the Book of Mormon
Have daily scripture study and prayer
exercise at least 3 times a week
Student teach
Become a better communicator
Go on a date with hubby at least 1 time a month

Monday, August 4, 2008

Bryant Family Reunion

This weekend we had a Bryant Family Reunion at Sharp Creek near Payson. We had so much fun and a great turn out from the family. We played hillbilly horseshoes, hiked, ATE, updated everyone on life events, played cards, etc. We had a complete blast. Definitely makes me appreciate family and helps me realize how important they are in my life. I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Birthday TIME

So today is my birthday. JC got me pedastools for my brand new front loading washer and dryer. I was so excited because I couldn't bear to spend the money for them for no reason. He also got me a dozen roses and while he was putting them on the table he realized there were only 11 roses. WHAT...lol, oh well, they are BeAuTiFuL. We also had a little celebration at the lake with our family, they sang 'Happy Birthday' and my mom got me a Boston Cream Cake, which was EXCELLENT. Anyways, the big TWO FOUR!!!

New washer and dryer...got a smoking deal and couldn't pass them up ;)

My E L E V E N roses...lol

US at the lake, I'm in black tanktop!!!

Roosevelt Lake = FUN

The last two weekends we have met my family down at Roosevelt Lake. We have had TONS of fun!!! I wasn't able to slolom ski due to female issues still but hopefully next time I will be back on track ;). JC kicked trash at wakeboarding and slolom. There is an AWESOME picture that Jill got of JC jumping on the wakeboard, hopefully she will email it to me!!! Anyways, the kids absolutely love it. Madison has learned that she can swim all over the lake with her lifejacket. Gavin just flirts with the girls at the dock lol. Our family definitely LOVES the water!!! Heres some pics of all the fun...

JC, Gavin, Madison, and Nana

Madison getting ready to TRY to ski...she did so good though! We were so proud of her. 4 and STRONG. lol

JC slolom skiing. He is almost touching the water...took the pic a little too quick

The whole fam at the lake

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Simplifying Life

I have decided to simplify my life a little bit. SO....I decided to dye my hair as close to my roots as possible so that I won't have to dye it anymore. With having kids and getting older my hair has definitely grown in MUCH darker than it use to be. It's so crazy because when I look at pictures from HS before I ever dyed my hair, it is BLONDE. So, I am blaming it on my kids ;). Anyways, not the greatest picture but I am so sick of dying my hair and having regrowth...so I just did it. I actually really like it though. I don't think this picture does it justice, but who cares!!! As long as I know it's Beautiful. lol

4th of JULY

Sorry so late. With the family down and the miscarriage, definitely got postponed. Anyways, we had an awesome 4th of July. My entire family came up to our house. Justin and JC were doing a tile job for Guidance Helicopters so they were already coming. The rest of the family decided to join us. We also invited the Hepworths over for some serious FUN!! We had a pinata for the kids with way too much candy. The adults played 'catch phrase' and 'nerts.' We went to the fireworks at Embry Riddle that were great. The kids loved the fireworks. Then came back to the house, the kids fell asleep in the car, and the adults had a blast. Stayed up until 1 and played cards. Oh, and JC and I won the last game of 'nerts' so we have bragging rights. I don't think anyone dares to play us again!!!
Here are some pics...

Gavin trying his darndest to BREAK the pinata open...he knew what was inside...he helped put it in!

Madison trying...wasn't too sure, kept looking at all the adults to make sure it was okay to hit this ladybug with a bat. What a good little girl ;)

We finally had to bring in uncle Justin to do the deeds. The plastic bat just wouldn't cut it!

Here are all the kiddos. Macoy, Lexi, Gavin, Lucus, Madison, and Jalee. Makena decided to bow out on the craziness!!! And of course Jaxon and baby Lyndsey joined her ;).

Monday, July 14, 2008

Heavenly Fathers Plan

so, I kick myself for posting things a little too soon. But, just because I posted, I was going to let everyone know that I had a miscarriage. Don't know why or what happened?? But, we are doing great. I don't really feel super upset about it mostly because I already have 2 beautiful children and because it is my first one. I don't know why it happened on my 3rd child, but it did. It is definitely going to set us back and Gavin isn't getting any younger, so we will have a much bigger gap than expected, but we will be just fine! Anyways, if I would have just waited a couple more days to post that I was pregnant in the first place, then I wouldn't have to be doing this. But oh well. So, just so everyone knows, I am fine with this, everything is great, and hopefully things will go better the next go around. But, we are definitely not rushing things! ;)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy LATE Anniversary

Should have posted this sooner but we have been so flippin busy. JC and I celebrated our 5th anniversary on July 2. It's crazy to think that I have been married for FIVE years. Crazy how time flies. Our anniversary was really nice. We were able to go to the movies and eat at Chili's. And since JC works at Chili's and it was our anniversary, they gave us our meal for FREE. That was awesome and really thoughtful of them! Justin and Jill watched our kids for us so we could enjoy time alone, which is a rareity when you have kids!:). Anyways, life has been great, marriage has been great, and I can't wait to celebrate many more years with the one I love!

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Hard Work has Finally Paid OFF

So, today JC officially finished Helicopter school. He is no longer a student. He is a CFII pilot with all ratings! We are so flippin' excited. He has worked so dang hard and it has finally paid off! It's very surreal now that it is actually over! Anyways, JC is going to start working in August and will be making WAY more money than we have ever made in our entire lives! It might not be much but it will be like "millions" to us! Student salary doesn't cut it! YEAH, I am so excited.

Oh, and FYI, we are expecting our 3rd baby in Feb. AAAAHHHHHHHH. I don't think you can ever be ready for baby #3 but Gavin will be 3 years old, so it's definitely about time!

(4th of July pictures to come)

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Piano Recital

On Thursday my students participated in their FIRST piano recital. It was a great success. One of my students has only been playing the piano for a few weeks. The girls did great and I was really glad to see how excited they were about playing the piano!! Anyways, it just made me feel good!

Monday, May 26, 2008

BEST friends

So this weekend I had so much fun. On Thursday I went to my cousin Stefani's graduation. Saw tons of friends and had a great time. Then on Friday I went to breakfast with my sister and some friends from High School. It is so fun to be with such great friends. When I am with them it feels like we have seen each other everyday! That's what great friends are for!!! Then after we went to breakfast I went to my BF from HS, Rachelle's baby shower. It was so fun to see her. She lives in Idaho now and we never get to talk or visit. So it was great , there is nothing like BEST friends!!!
Then after the baby shower I drove back to Pima and then me and my parents drove to my house. So basically I drove 5 1/2 hours. But it was good to be home and to RELAX a little! THANKs to my parents for letting me hang out and for watching my kids while I went to Rachelle's baby shower. They are such great grandparents!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Madison turned the BIG 4 yesterday (5/13). I cannot believe it. She had a birthday party at our house and invited lots of friends to come and play. We decorated birthday hats, ate ice cream sundaes, and opened presents. The kids had a complete BLAST. Madison is getting so big and so independent. She is sooo smart and loves learning!

Madison decorating her birthday hat.

Madison opening her presents, the kids were so excited to see they all just crowded around and it was very hard to get a good pic.
Madison playing with her cousins Remmi and Kara.

Madison got a "cleaning kit" from Nana and Papa, which by the way was the biggest hit of the party!!!

Gavin loved the scooter that Madison got, he can ride it better tooo!!!

Preschool Graduation - Heritage Zoo

On Monday (5/12) Madison's preschool went to the Heritage Zoo in Prescott to celebrate. The kids had a blast. The favorite animals were the llama, bear, and jaguar. They also got to eat cake and play at the park in the zoo. Madison has had such a great time in Preschool this year and this zoo trip was definitely the icing on the cake!!!

How cute is this! Gavin is trying to climb under the railings to get a CLOSER look at the bear!

This is my favorite picture, Gavin is trying to feed the llamas. How cute,

sorry the pics are so blurry, they are a pic of a pic.

Oh, and I chopped my hair and dyed it really blonde. I really like it though!

All the preschool kids! Madison is in black in the middle.