Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Madison and Gavin just had their last T-ball game.
They loved...
their uniforms, snacks, gloves, batting, being the Diamondbacks, pregame and their friends.
They did not love...
standing around and never touching the ball while the other team batted.
(will add pictures is being annoying)

Kindergarten GRADUATE

Madison graduated from KINDERGARTEN on May 27th from Coyote Springs Elementary. I can hardly believe it! She is such a big girl. She can read, write, and draw like a CHAMP! She is such a smarty. We love love love her. She had the best teacher in the world (Mrs. Richey) and absolutely loved going to school. I literally did not have one complaint about her experience, school and teacher!

Stetson's FIRST birthday

Stetson turned ONE on May 28th. What a BIG boy he is. He is my Angel baby! He NEVER cries and is sooo happy! We all love him so much. What a blessing he has been to our family :)

CHEESECAKE! (much better than birthday cake!)

Stetson was HALARIOUS with this ball. It was wrapped up and he knew it was a ball, so instead of opening it he just threw it around. (THX Matt and Mitzi!)

Don't you just love the new jean diapers! HUGGIES BABY :)


JC was made Chief Pilot for Guidance Helicopters on May 26th!
We are SO PROUD of his accomplishments!
GO JC ;)