Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh What FUN....

We had a FANTASTIC Christmas.
We put out eggnog and cookies for Santa and he treated us GOOD!!!

Madison got a pillow pet, books, candy, artist utensils, Beauty and the Beast, How to Train your Dragon, card games, puzzles, and pajamas.

I got a Chi straightener, blanket, wallet, shirt, taffy, necklace, food saver, magic bullet, orange, and earrings.

Stetson got Alice and Wonderland, books, talking teddy bear, electric train, toy helicopter and candy.

JC got the rockband holder/organizer, candy, spanish/english dictionary (lol), flashlight, mag light, "blood" light, and pajamas.
OH....and JC got a 55" LED HD 3D TV...Spoiled!!!!!

Gavin got Madagascar Kart for Wii, Skateboard, candy, Toy Story 3, shirt, silly bands, books, and puzzles.
We had a nice cozy Christmas with just our little family.
It was really nice and a great tradition that we intend to keep :)