Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Birthday TIME

So today is my birthday. JC got me pedastools for my brand new front loading washer and dryer. I was so excited because I couldn't bear to spend the money for them for no reason. He also got me a dozen roses and while he was putting them on the table he realized there were only 11 roses. WHAT...lol, oh well, they are BeAuTiFuL. We also had a little celebration at the lake with our family, they sang 'Happy Birthday' and my mom got me a Boston Cream Cake, which was EXCELLENT. Anyways, the big TWO FOUR!!!

New washer and dryer...got a smoking deal and couldn't pass them up ;)

My E L E V E N roses...lol

US at the lake, I'm in black tanktop!!!

Roosevelt Lake = FUN

The last two weekends we have met my family down at Roosevelt Lake. We have had TONS of fun!!! I wasn't able to slolom ski due to female issues still but hopefully next time I will be back on track ;). JC kicked trash at wakeboarding and slolom. There is an AWESOME picture that Jill got of JC jumping on the wakeboard, hopefully she will email it to me!!! Anyways, the kids absolutely love it. Madison has learned that she can swim all over the lake with her lifejacket. Gavin just flirts with the girls at the dock lol. Our family definitely LOVES the water!!! Heres some pics of all the fun...

JC, Gavin, Madison, and Nana

Madison getting ready to TRY to ski...she did so good though! We were so proud of her. 4 and STRONG. lol

JC slolom skiing. He is almost touching the water...took the pic a little too quick

The whole fam at the lake

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Simplifying Life

I have decided to simplify my life a little bit. SO....I decided to dye my hair as close to my roots as possible so that I won't have to dye it anymore. With having kids and getting older my hair has definitely grown in MUCH darker than it use to be. It's so crazy because when I look at pictures from HS before I ever dyed my hair, it is BLONDE. So, I am blaming it on my kids ;). Anyways, not the greatest picture but I am so sick of dying my hair and having regrowth...so I just did it. I actually really like it though. I don't think this picture does it justice, but who cares!!! As long as I know it's Beautiful. lol

4th of JULY

Sorry so late. With the family down and the miscarriage, definitely got postponed. Anyways, we had an awesome 4th of July. My entire family came up to our house. Justin and JC were doing a tile job for Guidance Helicopters so they were already coming. The rest of the family decided to join us. We also invited the Hepworths over for some serious FUN!! We had a pinata for the kids with way too much candy. The adults played 'catch phrase' and 'nerts.' We went to the fireworks at Embry Riddle that were great. The kids loved the fireworks. Then came back to the house, the kids fell asleep in the car, and the adults had a blast. Stayed up until 1 and played cards. Oh, and JC and I won the last game of 'nerts' so we have bragging rights. I don't think anyone dares to play us again!!!
Here are some pics...

Gavin trying his darndest to BREAK the pinata open...he knew what was inside...he helped put it in!

Madison trying...wasn't too sure, kept looking at all the adults to make sure it was okay to hit this ladybug with a bat. What a good little girl ;)

We finally had to bring in uncle Justin to do the deeds. The plastic bat just wouldn't cut it!

Here are all the kiddos. Macoy, Lexi, Gavin, Lucus, Madison, and Jalee. Makena decided to bow out on the craziness!!! And of course Jaxon and baby Lyndsey joined her ;).

Monday, July 14, 2008

Heavenly Fathers Plan

so, I kick myself for posting things a little too soon. But, just because I posted, I was going to let everyone know that I had a miscarriage. Don't know why or what happened?? But, we are doing great. I don't really feel super upset about it mostly because I already have 2 beautiful children and because it is my first one. I don't know why it happened on my 3rd child, but it did. It is definitely going to set us back and Gavin isn't getting any younger, so we will have a much bigger gap than expected, but we will be just fine! Anyways, if I would have just waited a couple more days to post that I was pregnant in the first place, then I wouldn't have to be doing this. But oh well. So, just so everyone knows, I am fine with this, everything is great, and hopefully things will go better the next go around. But, we are definitely not rushing things! ;)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy LATE Anniversary

Should have posted this sooner but we have been so flippin busy. JC and I celebrated our 5th anniversary on July 2. It's crazy to think that I have been married for FIVE years. Crazy how time flies. Our anniversary was really nice. We were able to go to the movies and eat at Chili's. And since JC works at Chili's and it was our anniversary, they gave us our meal for FREE. That was awesome and really thoughtful of them! Justin and Jill watched our kids for us so we could enjoy time alone, which is a rareity when you have kids!:). Anyways, life has been great, marriage has been great, and I can't wait to celebrate many more years with the one I love!

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Hard Work has Finally Paid OFF

So, today JC officially finished Helicopter school. He is no longer a student. He is a CFII pilot with all ratings! We are so flippin' excited. He has worked so dang hard and it has finally paid off! It's very surreal now that it is actually over! Anyways, JC is going to start working in August and will be making WAY more money than we have ever made in our entire lives! It might not be much but it will be like "millions" to us! Student salary doesn't cut it! YEAH, I am so excited.

Oh, and FYI, we are expecting our 3rd baby in Feb. AAAAHHHHHHHH. I don't think you can ever be ready for baby #3 but Gavin will be 3 years old, so it's definitely about time!

(4th of July pictures to come)