Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Cheri had her baby on Dec 24 and was able to come home on Christmas day. So we opened our presents at about 3 pm. I couldn't hardly stand to see what I was going to have. I am having a ........


The paper read "You are having a boy! Congratulations." We are super excited.

We have also picked a name that will 99% most likely be it.

Stetson John Click

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Surprise

JC and I have decided to have the ultrasound tech put what the gender of our baby in an envelope and we will open it on Christmas. We figured it would be a super fun SURPRISE!!!

I will most definitely post after Christmas what we are having.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

BABY predictions

I am having a sonogram on Monday the 22nd.

BOY or GIRL????? Predictions???? Please post!!

This complete stranger at Costco thinks I am having a girl. My entire family definitely thinks I am having a boy.

I was 60/40 thinking a BOY...but I have since changed my mind. I am now 60/40 thinking a GIRL. Simply because I am FATTER and supposedly you are fatter when you are having girls. So that is my prediction.


We shall see!

you know how when you are first pregnant you go through this completely awkward stage of "is she pregnant or just fat?" That is where I am right now so all I feel is FAT. Just figured I would clear that up!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Quickly I'll obey.

Every morning that I have to wake Madison up and it's preschool day (Monday and Wednesday), she jumps right out of bed and quickly obeys!! YEAH for preschool.

I asked Madison "what do you love about preschool?"

Mindy reads us books
Snowman that we made
Snack time

She is halarious. Madison also told me "I wish Mindy would buy a school bus so that she could come pick up the kids and bring them back home to their houses." Isn't it funny how little kids think riding the school bus is the BEST.

Oh, to be so happy over school!