Monday, September 19, 2011

Nectarine Jam

Since nectarine's are $.77/lb at Safeway I decided to make some nectarine jam. Looks yummy. It was super simple and my FIRST time canning by myself.

add 6 cups of chopped nectarines.

3 cups of sugar

4 Tbsp of lemon juice

1 tsp of your choice of spice (i did cinnamon)

Medium boil for 30 minutes

skim off foamy stuff

put into pint jars

put into hot bather

hot bathe for 10 minutes

WAALAH...the finished product. I hope it tastes yummy! We will try some tomorrow :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Disneyland Trip

We just got back from Disneyland. Had TONS of fun. We went with Justin & Jill + their 3 kids, my mom, Nephi, and our little family. Our older two kids were at the perfect age to really enjoy it and have a great time! We got 3 day hopper passes and went every other day. On the off days we just chilled at the hotel pool and ate yummy food and watched football (every girls favorite thing to do on vacation, right?)

JC, Jaxon, Mom (have no idea what ride that was)

The clan waiting in line for ToyStory Mania (probably my favorite ride)

The pictures are backwards but look closely at the kids, they are crying from the Tower of Terror. This was the "after" picture.

And this was our before picture, everyone was happy and excited. I got to say that i did NOT like this ride!!!

all the kiddos with their "bug" eyes on waiting for "It's tough to be a bug" movie!

Nana with the grandkids at Disneyland

Madison and Jalee striking a pose! (while i had to get my phone from lost and found)

funnnny faces!

Monsters Inc....Boo's door! LOVE THIS RIDE

We decided that we are going to do a Disneyland trip every TWO years. That way we don't over kill, but go enough to enjoy the rides and see the new ones!!! Can't wait for the Car's Land in CA Adventure to open! That should be cool.

The show at CA Adventure was awesome too. How amazing technology is!